Programma woensdag 16 oktober 2019

Duo Ebano: Marco Danesi (klarinet), Paolo Gorini (piano)

  • Aanvangstijd: 12:45 uur
  • Locatie: Kloosterkerk


Alban Berg  (1885 - 1935)
Vier Stucke op. 5
• Mäßig
• Sehr langsam
• Sehr rasch
• Langsam
Carl Maria von Weber (1786 – 1826)
Grand Duo Concertante op. 48 for clarinet and piano
I. Allegro con fuoco
II. Andante con moto
III. Rondo (Allegro)

Informatie over de uitvoerende(n)

Duo Ebano is a new and eclectic chamber music group based in Amsterdam, formed by the Italian clarinetist Marco Danesi and pianist Paolo Gorini, that largely performs in the most prestigious halls in The Netherlands and abroad.
This project is mainly based on the traditional chamber music repertoire, from the early romanticism to the XX century, including masterpieces written for this set up as well as less know composers.

Besides the classical and romantic repertoire Duo Ebano focused its interest in contemporary music and took part at the Laboratory of Contemporary Music in Milan by playing World Premieres in the International Composition Competition. In the fall of 2016, the duo collaborated with the violinist Daniele Richiedei in the Milano Musica Festival.
Moreover Marco and Paolo try to be as versatile as possible, experimenting, pushing their musical limits and looking for new sounds by adding instruments to the traditional set up. This idea is called ‘Duo Esteso’ and features clarinet, bass clarinet, piano and the Seaboard, which is the most innovative digital keyboard nowadays. With this project Duo Ebano widens the repertoire with new commissions and innovates the traditional performances.
In January 2017, Duo Ebano got awarded with the Toonzaal Prijs, Publieksprijs en Omroep MAX Jong Talent Prijs in the Storioni Toonzaal Competition. Thanks to these prizes they were invited to come and play live in the Spiegelzaal(AVROTROS) in Concertgebouw. From that moment on they also played during the Muziek op de Dommel festival and in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven with very good reactions from the audience. In the coming months they will also be heard in the Willem Twee Concertzaal in Den Bosch, Podium Klassiek Eindhoven and Concerten Vlissingen serie.
Recently, the Duo won the second prize at the Ysaye Chamber Music Competition in Liège (Belgium) and in September got the first exaequo prize and special prize at the Salieri-Zinetti Chamber Music Competition in Verona (Italy.) Thanks to this special prize Duo Ebano will have its debut in USA at the New York Chamber Music Festival in spring 2019.

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