Programma woensdag 1 juni 2005

Rubato Appassionato (Antonia Tejeda, blokfluit; Eyal Streett, barokfagot en Sasha Agranov, barokcello)

  • Aanvangstijd: 12:45 uur
  • Locatie: Kloosterkerk

Programma North versus South” (18th century dances and grounds from England and Spain)


Ms M691/21, Biblioteca de Catalunya, Barcelona
- Tocata Alemanda
- Sarabanda
- Tocata Alemanda

The Division Flute, London, 1706
A division on a Ground by Mr. Finger

Dances and instrumental pieces:
- La alemanda
- Allegro
- o Estudian
- Contra Dança dels Caputxins
- lo Villano
- Pasapié de España

Informatie over de uitvoerende(n)

Rubato Appassionato was founded in the year 2000 at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. The ensemble devotes itself to baroque music, exploring the beauty and elegance of the 18th century. The unique combination of instruments opens doors to creativity and originality while remaining faithful to the spirit and aesthetics of baroque music. The repertoire embraces music from Italy, Germany, France, England and Spain, containing pieces which are both exquisite and virtuous. Passionate for research of forgotten and unknown Iberian compositions, the ensemble imposes on itself the goal to capture these musical gems and offer them to the public. The use of the cello as a harmonic instrument playing the basso continuo is a historical performance-practice that is very seldom explored in today's concert halls. The result is a sparkling and fresh color. Rubato Appassionato has performed in Holland, Spain and Israel. Its debut CD, devoted to Iberian 18th century music, will be released in September 2005.

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